Tips For Keeping Your Pup Safe This Memorial Day

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Tips For Keeping Your Pup Safe This Memorial Day

For many, Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer. Backyard barbecues, parties, and enjoying time outside with your family and friends are some of the most popular ways to spend the long weekend. No matter how you're celebrating Memorial Day, it's important to keep your furry friends safe. Following these four tips will help ensure you and your pup have a safe and enjoyable long weekend.

Backyard Barbecues

A Border Collie holding an American flag in its mouth.

One of the most popular Memorial Day activities, backyard barbecues, can present some dangerous situations for our pets. There are often lots of people, hot barbecues, food, and alcoholic beverages around. Ensure your pet is a safe distance from hot barbecues, torches, or candles to avoid accidents or burns, and always keep alcohol out of reach of a curious pup.

It's important to keep an eye on your dog to ensure they don't get into anything that can be harmful if consumed. While foods like avocado, chocolate, and garlic are safe for people to eat, they are toxic if ingested by our canine friends. Other things to avoid feeding your dog include desserts, cooked bones, fatty foods, and table scraps.

Water Safety

Going for a dip during Memorial Day weekend? Monitor your pup when they're by the pool or lake, and never leave them unattended near water. Even if your dog is a good swimmer, keep an eye on your pup.

Some chemicals found in pools can be harmful if ingested, so be sure to provide fresh water for your dog and deter them from drinking out of the pool.

A Pit Bull puppy sitting on front of an American flag.


A white and gray Bulldog wearing an American flag on its back.

Second to barbecues, fireworks are another common Memorial Day event. Many dogs are scared of fireworks, so be sure to leash up your pet if you're going to be outside. It's also important to ensure they have an up-to-date ID tag with your contact information in case they go off on an unexpected adventure.

If your dog isn't a fan of fireworks, keep them indoors and give them their favorite chew toy or something to keep them occupied during the event, play music or turn on the TV, and close the windows and blinds to help dampen the sound and bright flashes.

Stay Cool and Hydrated

With summer temperatures on the way, it's important to make sure your dog is properly hydrated and able to get out of the hot sun. The easiest way to help keep your dog hydrated is to ensure they always have access to clean and fresh water, including when they're spending time outside. Some dog breeds, like English and French bulldogs or Boston Terriers, are very sensitive to heat and should not spend much time in hot or humid conditions.

A Pomeranian wearing an American flag bandana.

By following these four tips, you and your dog can safely enjoy the unofficial start of summer. If you have any questions about keeping your pet safe this Memorial Day, ask the friendly experts at Puppyland!